Culinary: Gadri Resto...try the King's favorite cuisine

When I heard about Gadri Resto from my friend, I thought it was just an ordinary restaurant, serving traditional foods and that's all. But she convinced me that Gadri Resto is just more than an ordinary restaurant. You will love it, that's what she said. Located at JL. Rotowijayan no.5 Kraton, Yogyakarta, near the west gate of Kraton (Sultan’s Palace) Jogjakarta, the restaurant's ambiance is totally adopted from Keraton (The King's Palace in Yogyakarta). This restaurant is actually the owner resident -GPBH Joyokusumo- the younger brother of Sultan.

The Food
The Resto serves traditional cuisines and some of them is Sultan's favorites such as nasi blawong, pudding manuk nom, wedang secang and bir Jawa.

Wedang Secang: secang tea-mixed with cinnamon, ginger, etc.

Bir Jawa: is not a 'beer' actually...spicy drink with lime essence

Puding Manuk enom: a pudding made from fermentation rice served with emping

Nasi Blawong

Nasi Gurih

The Uniqueness

Besides tasting the royal cuisine, we can take a course you should make an appointment with the owner.
You can see how the javanesse house is, the bed that used for sultan's delivery, and many things about keraton and the procedures within the palace.

Bu Joyo, the owner

Here are some pictures inside the house

The Pantry

Guest room

Other facilities
There is batik shop and internet service. Also coffee shop

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