Culinary: Malaysian cuisine in Jogja...only at Rempah Asia

When I miss horlick, or canai, or even nasi lemak I usually come to this restaurant. Not a big or fancy resto, but when I'm here, I feel as if I'm not in Yogya. People who came here usually are Malay and Indian, besides Indonesian off course. 

Here, you can find Malaysian cuisine like nasi lemak, roti canai, and nasi tomat. But if you are not so into in Malaysian cuisine, you can have Tom Yam, Fried Rice,Fried Noodle,  Soup, even chinesse food like Fu Yung Hai. 
Or maybe you just only want to have some snacks.That's okay. You can order french fries or pisang bakar (grilled banana with chocolate topping and cheese)

Inside the restaurant
Nasi Lemak

Canai keju (Canai Cheese) with teh tarik

My recommended menu are: Nasi Lemak ikan sotong with es sirup cincau
This restaurant is located at Jalan Kaliurang, on the north of Dunkin Donuts. It's easy to reach. Open daily from 8 am till midnight.
And what about the price? Don't's very afordable. The price of Nasi Lemak is about Rp. 12.000-15.000. One glass of tea o ice is about Rp 3000 *cmiiw*.
So...when you are in Yogya and dying for Malaysian can go to Rempah Asia...

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