Travel Tips: How to choose the right hotel/hostel

Choosing the right hotel/hostel is not easy. Sometimes, all information in their website is different from the real condition. Here is some tips you must do before you choose your hotel/hostel and booked it.

1. Choose the hotel/hostel that suitable with your criteria: your budget and the condition. Just find it through internet. You can find through, agoda, or from other hotel/hostel directory. Choose at least more than two options.
2. Now, you already have some hotel/hostel options. All you need is to find any review about your hotel/hostel. You can find it from trip advisor or maybe you can googling it. This review is important because it will tell us about the real condition from people who ever stay there.
3. After read some reviews....please...write an email for the owner of the hotel/hostel. Ask everything you want to know. How to get there, their policies, about the neighbourhood.
4. Then...choose the best one and booked it immidiately.

Another important thing you should consider before you booked the hotel/hostel is the location. Make sure the hotel/hostel is easy to reach, near with mrt station, and at least near with 24hrs convenience store (like 7eleven).

After you decide your hostel, I suggest you to book the hostel first rather than 'go show', especially if you plan a trip on holiday or peak season. Some hostels provide booking page in their website, while others are not. So, you can book the hostel through website that provide hostel booking service. I recommend hostelworld because they 100% trusted and...have app for smartphone (android and ios) so it easier for me if I have to book hostel while I'm not in front of my laptop.

Happy hunting!!!


  1. Safety first

    Before booking a hostel, make sure that you are keeping your safety a priority. Get information on the crime in the neighborhood the property is in, check how close the nearest metro or bus stop is, and see what kinds of security measures the accommodation has in place. Do you need a key or code to get in the front door? Can anyone come into the hostel or only people with a room booked? Is there someone at the front desk 24 hours keeping guard? Are there lockers provided to store your valuables? Keep these questions in mind before booking.

    Find a hostel that’s have a kitchen facilities

    Find a hostel that’s have a kitchen facilities It is a really important if local cuisine doesn’t look or taste appealing to you and you refuse to eat in chain restaurants. Cooking gives you the full control of the quality of used food products and, additionally, is a money saver when you’re travelling on a budget. If you can’t cook or you don’t know any healthy recipes, the Internet is full of healthy 5-ingredient recipes or go for a salad.

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