Culinary: Where to eat in Melaka???

It is very easy to find restaurants or food court in Melaka. With below 8 can have many options of places to eat. Here....I recommend you three places to eat in Melaka.

1. Kedai Makanan HCC
Located at Melaka Central, this restaurant is self-service restaurant. They provide local food. So...if you want to try local food, you can try here. The average price for rice with chicken and vegetable including ice tea is about 8 RM (about US$ 2,64).
If you like something spicy, you can try sambal cencaluk, mixture of cencaluk, shrimp, chilies, lemongras and lime.

Actually, when you are looking for some place to eat, you can go to Melaka Central. There are so many restaurants or kedai makan here with large variety of food.

2. Asam Pedas Hajjah Mona

Located at Taman Kota Laksmana, my guesthouse owner recommend this place to me. She said that it is the best asam pedas restaurant in Melaka.
I came here around 8 pm (Melaka time) and there are a lot of people here. Luckily, me and my team can find a place to dine in.
Besides asam pedas, they also have satay. But when we want to order some satay, they are sold out.

We can choose the fish for asam pedas.Ikan Pari, Ikan kembung, Ikan Parang etc. Asam pedas is served with rice, vegetable, and telur asin (salted egg). The taste is spicy and a little bit sour. Asam pedas is more dilluted compare with curry.

3. Fajar Ria Restaurant

 In the morning before we left team and I decide to have roti canai for our breakfast. So from our guesthouse we walked Hang Tuah St...and along this street there are some restaurants selling roti canai.

Here, you can have roti canai kosong (plain) , roti canai mixed with egg, and roti canai filled with sardine.All served with curry sauce. We can add onion slices mix with roti canai. At this restaurant, besides roti canai, they also serve nasi lemak and other malay food. my humble opinion...Melaka is not just a beatiful heritage city, but the food is great. It's so yummy. And cheap. And you won't be disappointed!!!

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