Travel Tips: Being Solo Traveler doesn't mean Lonely

I was blessed for being solo traveler for several times. For me, it's a precious experience. And I won't hesitate for having this experience in my next trip.

Many people says that they afraid of being linely if they traveling alone. It's normal because I 've had that feeling too before my solo trip. But you won't know until you do it, rite? So, why do you let your fear stopping you from having your amazing trip???

Here, I will give you some tips so you can enjoy your solo trip without feeling lonely.

Don't stay at hotel!!
Please stay at hostel and pick the dorm for your accomodation. The dorm is the first place you may find your new friend. Who knows your roommates have some important information that usefull for you. Or...maybe you can join with them and having trip together!!

Make friend
It doesn't mean you have to be their best friend. Just having a chit chat with other people at hostel.

Get involve with locals
When I visit Tanjungpinang, I met a family while I was waiting for pompong to cross to Pulau Penyengat. We talked and from them I got so many information about their tradition, cultures, history, and a lot of things that make my trip easier. The best thing is they agree I am joining with them during my trip to Pulau Penyengat. So, getting involve with locals is one thing you should do while you were traveling alone.

So...who say that being solo traveler means lonely????


  1. Solo traveling does seem to bring a different set of joys and challenges. I am too chicken to do that though. I think traveling with a friend or in a group is much safer.

    Chris from

  2. Hello Chris....yes!! I enjoy traveling with friends too!!! And having a lot of great experience that diffrent from traveling alone. Actually, it doesn't matter being solo traveler or traveling with friends as long as we can enjoy the journey..... :)