Lasem: Treasure box

Sunset in salt pond
Lasem, is a small town you couldn't imagine in Central Java, Indonesia. It is the town in the northcoast of Central Java, located in the east end of Central Java. I never thought about traveling to this place before until in 2002, a film called "Ca Bau Kan" was made and takes place in Lasem. It was the first time I fell in love with Lasem. So, after I finished my last project, in early September I packed and went to Lasem. I come!!!

What's so special in Lasem??? Hmmm.... I said Lasem is like a treasure box. Some people say that Lasem is  le petit chinois. It means 'little Chinese'. It reflects from their batik motives and the architectures. Others said Lasem is vintage. All about Lasem is so 80's or 70's....or maybe before 7th century???? How will I know, while I was taking a walk on Layur beach in the afternoon and I found chinesse pottery shards buried in the sand... From the motive I just knew that it was produced a long time ago. And I imagine, deep down the sea, there will be a wooden box filled with chinesse pottery from the past......

With all potentions, I siad Lasem is a treasure box. You wouldn't know what will you find during your traveling time in Lasem. From beach to their tradition, from architecture to their salt pond. Lazem is just amazing!!!!

The main hub is Semarang (Central Java) and Surabaya (East Java). From Semarang, just take the bus to Surabaya. Then tell the bus conductor that you will go to Rembang. If you are from Surabaya, you just take the bus to Semarang, then you can tell that you will go to Rembang. According to my last traveling time to Lasem, from Semarang to Rembang by air con bus, I have to pay about Rp. 30.000 (US $ 3) one way.

Lasem actually has a hotel but I'm not recommended it. The best offer is stay in Rembang, about 45 mins from Lasem. I recommend two hotels: Hotel Rantina (near museum Kartini) and Hotel Antika.

There are a lot of bus to reach Lasem from Rembang. Anytime, you can go to Lasem from Rembang.

Like I've said before Lasem is a treasure box. Beach, chinesse traditional house, temple, vihara, batik, and try their culinary. Enjoying sunset from Binangun beach is excellent. Or buying some unique batik? For photography and architecture lovers, Lasem is a paradise for you.

The Chineese pottery 

Chinesse House

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