Down to the Lasem beach

That day, on the way to Lasem from Rembang, my friend, Pop, asked me if  I want to take something different in my trip. "What is it?" I asked him. He said that there is another way to reach Lasem from Rembang and I will have a brand new experience that I'll never forget. He didn't explain the details, but I said I want it.  Then a few moments later, Pop turned his motorcycle, leaving a dusty road and then down to the salt ponds."Where is this road gonna lead us?" I asked curiously. Pop said, "The beach. We will down the beach until Lasem. You should try this." Then I did not ask much more. Because, I was quite seduced by the beautiful scenery that surrounds me. The rows of salt ponds in the daytime with the salt farmers working there... this should be a 'treasure' for me.   
Although the weather is hot but I don't care. Passing the salt ponds means you have to get ready for a trip 'off road', enjoying the sun, and the sea breeze. And I really enjoy it. 

Finally we arrived at the beach. Pop rode his bike slowly, took off his helmet, and let her hair fluttering in the wind. "Come on, just took of your helmet!" he told me.
I did. And right!!! I could feel the breeze on my face. The smell of the sea burst. This is great! I never experienced this before.

It was a four kilometers trip I could never forget. Down the coast. Saw the seagulls. Listened to the wind.  Saw a giant jellyfish that washed up on the beach. Watching the fishermen who were fishing, and found fragments of shells and corals that have uniquely shaped. And fiinally,  we had to leave the beach because we've reached Lasem.

Geesss!!! Another great experience during my trip!!!

The huge jelly fish
The salt pond and the salt farmer


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