Culinary: TM Cafe at Lavender MRT Station

When I was just arriving in Spore, I made an appointment with my friends to meet them at Lavender MRT Station. After meet them...we decided to have lunch first before exploring Singapore. There is kopitiam behind the MRT station exit, but it seems I have to wait longer to find any seat. So we walked to the building behind the station and found this... TM Cafe. The food stall is offering Malay food *'s halal food* with cheap price. You can say... I bought for $3 or $4...just mention the price you want to they will serve the food according to your price.

I bought rice with ayam chili *chicken cooked with chili* with sambal belacan. One thing...if you can't eat that much, make sure that you say to them that you want to have a few rice. The food portions are quite a lot for me.

What you should know
The stall is quite narrow, have to be patient to have your seat or you should have your food take away. Always order beverages with the old man....because if you order with the probably will have same experience with me....I never have my teh tarik! It seems the women's duty are serving the food and the old man is serving the beverages.

For anybody whose searching for halal and cheap food in could come here!!

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