Travel Tips: Youth hostel vs Bed and Breakfast

Youth hostel or Bed and Breakfast?? Which one you would choose for your budget hotel when you travel?
What's the difference between them? Which one is cheaper? Which one is more comfort?

I have stayed in both places. Each has their advantages and disadvantages. But for me, as long as they cheap and clean and safe, it's enough. I try to make a comparison between youth hostel vs bed and breakfast.

Youth Hostel

Youth hostel usually associated with dormitory, often shortened to dorm. Imagine bunk beds in a room, sleeping in a same room with strangers (you can have mix dorm or single-sex dorm), you share a bathroom and kitchen, although sometimes there are youth hostels that provide private room. We can say...there is less privacy here than hotel or 'bed and breakfast (B&B)'.
Stay in youth hostel can save your money. It's cheap, and the price is based on a person, not on room. So if you traveling alone, youth hostel is the best option for you.
Unlike hotel, youth hostel is more informal. Also here, you can socialized easily with other travelers. You can easily have many information about the place that you visit from them. Maybe they have been stayed there longer than you. They may can give you useful tips.
How about the breakfast?? Well....hostels are generally self-catering.
Hostel is suitable for long-term traveler. under 12 years old...are not allowed stay here.

The problems at youth hostel
Since you have to share a common living space, theft can be a problem for you. In your room there is a private lockers. You could store your belongings there and always keep the key locker with you. Don't leave money or your valuable things inside the locker.
Your roommate returning late or leaving early?? Or they snoring? Just put the earplugs.

Bed and Breakfast

If you need cheap hotel but with privacy... I suggest you to stay at BnB. Bed and breakfast usually offer overnight accommodation and breakfast. But they usually don't provide other meals. Typically, they are private homes with less than 10 bedrooms. You may share a bathroom, but generally they provide a room with private bathroom. If you need any information about the destination, just ask the owner. When I was in Scotland, I stay at Pengily Bed and Breakfast. The owner is very friendly. He served the breakfast for us. And he gave me useful information about traveling tips in Scotland.
Bed and Breakfast also suitable for your family.
Bed and Breakfast price is based on a room.


  1. Living in a youth hostel is really fun where you can meet other young backpackers from other country or place.

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