Travel Destinations: Shopping Places at Bandung

Bandung is a paradise for shopaholic. Lots of Mall and factory outet makes people come to Bandung...just for shopping!

There are some malls and factory outlet area that I recommended for you!!

Factory Outlet at Dago and Riau Street
Are you looking for Factory Outlet?? Just come to Dago street (Jl. Dago/Ir. H. Juanda) or Riau St (Jl. RE Martadinata). There are lot of factory outlet (we called it FO). I recommend Heritage FC and The Summit...both are at Jl. RE Martadinata. Don't find what you are looking for?? can go to Rumah Mode at Jl. Setiabudi.

The Mall
I think the best mall in Bandung is Paris Van Java. I just love this place. The building design, the interior, the atmosphere... If you are looking for Mango or Zara or maybe Vincci shoes or you just wanna hang out at cozy cafes... Just come to this place. I'm sure you're gonna love this place...

Bandung Supermall or BSM, is another recommended mall. Nice place to hang out too. Are you Next big fan? You can find Next outlet here...

Cihampelas Walk or Ciwalk. Located at Cihampelas, the fashion here is not so branded. But this is one of my favorite place to hang out while I was in Bandung. Just love the atmosphere and this place has a good view to its surrounding.

Cheap clothes
So you don't wanna buy some branded fashion. You prefer to have a cute clothes but cheap. Bandung Trade Center is the best option for you. This place is located at Jl. Dr. Junjunan. Another place to buy cheap clothes is at Kings shopping center. Located near alun-alun Bandung. Precisely at Jl. Kepatihan. Besides clothes, bags, and shoes/sandals you can find fabrics.

Used clothes
If you don't mind buying some used clothes.....just come to Gedebage. This clothes is imported from abroad. But...once is USED CLOTHES. From coat to knitting clothes, vintage clothes, jackets....all you can find here. You need to bargain if you buy clothes here. Pssst...Indonesian's celebrity often buy clothes here...

Few tips from me..
  • Weekend at Bandung?? It means you have to ready to trap in a worst traffic jam. Not recommended visiting Bandung at weekend.....
  • Some taxies don't use the taxi-meter thing. So...if you don't mind using angkot...then just do it. Or, you can rent a car if the comfort becoming your first priority

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