Travel Destinations: Ampel...feel the Arab atmosphere in Surabaya..

When I was doing a research about the Arabian House, I made Ampel Surabaya as my locus. It takes less than a day...I felt that this area is so unique, is like I wasn't in Surabaya. The atmoshpere is really different. a famous destination for religion tourism. It has a mosque which called Masjid Sunan Ampel, and tombs-include Sunan Ampel's tomb.

Ampel also known as Arab quarter or 'Kampung Arab' because the largest population of the peope who live in this area is Arabians. Here, we can see the unique arabic's house which covered with curtain made form bamboo and the architecture at this area majority is colonial architecture

So.. besides the mosque, the tombs, and the architecture...what can we do here??
If you like culinary things... you can try the arabian's food. There are some restaurants that serve Arabian's food. If you don't like Arabian's food..then you can have Javanesse food or Maduranesse food (Madura is the second largest population in Ampel).
If you want to buy an Islamic souvenir like air zam-zam or kacang arab (Arabian's peanut) can buy here. You can buy at bazaar - a market that is designed just like markets in Arab. This market sells everything from islamic souvenir till the things related to worship mukena, saroong, sajjadah, hijab, etc

The bazzaar

Here are some pictures of Ampel Area.....

One of Ampel's corner at night

The Mosque

Sunan Ampel's Tomb

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