Travel Destinations: Gedung Agung....presidential palace in Yogya

Gedung Agung is one of six presidential palace in Indonesia which located in Yogyakarta, precisely at the end of the road Ahmad Yani (jl Malioboro), opposite Benteng Vredeburg.

In the past, Indonesia moved the capital from Jakarta to Yogyakarta. And from this place, the government was run.

The building itself is a colonial building. So beautiful, especially when you are an architect, you could love with this building.
So, what if you interest to visit to this place and make this place as your destination? Is it open for public??

Well ... this place is open to the public from Monday through Thursday starting at 9 am until 2 pm.
And ... it's free.

But there are some things that you should know before you visit Gedung Agung.

  • You have to submit a letter of permission to visit first, a week before the day you want to visit. You could send the letter to Gedung Agung. Better you drop it by yourself.
  • Gedung Agung only receive visitors in a group. Family or individual tourists are not allowed.
  • After you receive the permit letter from Gedung Agung, then you can visit according to the date and time that have been set for you.
  • There are some rules for the clothes. You cannot wear jeans, t shirt, sandals/flip flops. Do not wearing mini skirt or shorts. Pants, shirt, and shoes is the best clothes to visit Gedung Agung.
  • Carrying bags during the visit is not allowed. But don't worry!!! You can leave your bags in Gedung Agung security post
  • Only one photographer in a group.

Although it's free, but we will accompanied by a guide during the tour. Just don't try to give them incentive. Because they will absolutely reject it.
Do you interest to make Gedung Agung as your next destination??? Just drop your permission letter and enjoy the Gedung Agung tour!!!

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