Travel Destinations: Kota Gede...feel the past

Kotagede is in south area of Yogyakarta. In the past, Kotagede is the capital of Mataram Kingdom. Now...Kotagede has an archeological site - the royal cemetery, the royal mosque, the palace - and becoming the central of silver industry in Yogyakarta. Kotagede also has a unique spatial pattern of dwelling - also known as 'Between two Gates' - and the architecture at this area dominated by Javanese architecture-known as Rumah Joglo.
I can say that...if you are in Kotagede, you can feel about Yogyakarta in the past. This place is rich in culture

How to get there

I don't recommend you exploring this area by car. can come to this area by car but you have to park your car at Kotagede market or at the Kotagede Mosque car park.
You also can come to this area by public transport Trans Jogja, can come by andong.
The best way to explore Kotagede is by your own feet. I'm not kidding. The streets at Kotagede is narrow... When you want to see the 'Between Two Gates' at Jl. Rukunan, you only can use your foot.

What to see

Kotagede mosque
This is the oldest mosque in Yogya. Before we entering the mosque, there is Banyan tree that has been there for hundreds year. This mosque is located in the same area with the royal cemetery. Unfortunately, people often skipped this building. In fact, this building has a great history and for architecture lover.. you will love the details of this building.

Royal cemetery

This is the cemetery of Old Mataram's founder, i.e Panembahan Senopati. His mother and father, and some of the royal family were buried here. If you want to enter the cemetery, you have to wear the special clothes (you can borrow from juru kunci or the cemetery guard) and you are not allow to wear any jewelery. At this cemetery, you are not allow to take any pictures.
The picture in right side is the special clothes for entering the cemetery. That is a special clothes for men. For women, they usually wear batik fabric that wrapped around the body. We called it kemben.

The cemetery's gate

Near the cemetery you can find two pools, the place where the prince and the princess of Mataram bathed. The pools is called Sendang Keliran and Sumber Kemuning. This complex is surrounded by fort, made from bricks with ornaments. The gates usually made from woods, full with unique carved. This is the best place for heritage lovers.

The gate

The ornament at the gate

The ornament at the wall
Old Mataram artefacts
From the cemetery complex just go straight to the south about 300 m. Then you will find those artefacts: Watu Gilang, Watu Gatheng, and Watu Genthong (sorry... I don't have the artefacts photograph. Next time I will take the pic and present it to you!). They are stones, usually used for throne (watu gilang), water carrier (watu genthong) and for...playing (watu gatheng) in Old Mataram era.

The architecture - Joglo house
Joglo house is the traditional house in Java. We can find the Joglo at Kotagede, but nowadays, the amount of Joglo house at Kotagede is decrease, since the earthquake in 2006 has destroyed the Joglo houses.

Inside Rumah Joglo

The ornament


You should go to Gang Rukunan that located not far from the cemetery complex. At this alley, you can see the example of 'Between Two Gates' this is a unique form of enviromental in Kotagede.

The gate at Gang Rukunan

The houses inside the gate

What to buy
  • Silver craft, from jewelery to home decoration. From excellent quality to standard quality. All you can find here.
  • Coklat Monggo, homemade chocolate produced from 100% Indonesian cocoa. The owner of Coklat Monggo is a Belgian chocolatier.

  • Kipo, traditional snack from Kotagede. Made from glutinous rice, the taste is sweet.

For heritage and architecture cannot skip this destination. One word for this destination: AWESOME!!!


  1. Wow! That looks like a fun place to visit - so much to see!! Thank you for joining in my 'Round the World' adventure!!

  2. The architecture and decoration is beautiful! Thanks for sharing and taking me on a mini vacay. Stopped over from Red Nomad OZ's hop. Have a good one!

  3. @red Nomad Oz...'s fun walking around at this place....

    @texaGermaNadian... glad that you like it :)