Attraction: Hop on hop off.....explore your destination

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Finally you had arrived at your destination. A new city you've never been there before. The city that offer you many things to see. And you feel confuse and can't decide which one you should see in a first place.

Why don't you get hop on hop off?? Hop on hop off is a city tour bus that offering you freedom and flexibility to do as you please. You can jump in into the bus and you can jump out to the place that attract you. There is a guide in hop on hop off that will explain about the city.

Well...actually I'm the biggest fan of HOHO. For me, HOHO bus is a great way and a cheap way to get an overview of the city I've visited. Also, at HOHO I could meet people and usually I ask any tips to get around the city.
HOHO ticket usually valid for a day. So you can jump in into the bus as much as you like in a day.
One thing...always pick the '2nd floor seat' if you get HOHO. You can take photo easily from there. Happy HOHO ride!!!

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