Horoscope vs type of destination (1)

Capricorn's people are usually love everything ellegant and stylish! So they would like a luxury and comfort destination. As an organized people, there is no change for Capricorn to travel unprepared or unplanned. They don't usually ask an adventurous trip or a backpack trip. They prefer a cozy and comfortable trip. 

As an Aquarius, their free spirit is important and will influence them in making a decission for their destination. Aquarius need rich and varied experience from the trip. Based on this, an adventurous trip will be the good option for an Aquarius. Diving, snorkling, wildlife adventure could be the option. A place or a destination with unique characteristic, unique people or unique culture is another option to choose.

Pisces is usually emotional and sensitive. They love a place with a tranquil ambiance. They also artistic in nature so they like an artistic place. Beach is the place they would love in a first place. Cities that have galleries or museums might steal their attention.

Aries is usually people who energetic and adventurous in nature. They seem like they have unlimited energy. A destination with a lot of thing to explore is the best option for them. 

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  1. I love to visit beautiful and natural sights to see all over the world. I have been visited Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia few month ago after my boston to niagara trip with my friend. It is an unbelievable place to see in the world. This place becomes the world's largest mirror during rainy season. When several prehistoric lakes joined into one then this place was born.