Travel Tips: MRT

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MRT has been my favorite public transport since the first time I traveling abroad. I love MRT more than bus. So..if the city/place I've visited has MRT as their public transport...I always use it.
It's cheap...than taxi off course, more rapid, and avoiding you from traffic jam...

  1. don't eat and drink inside MRT
  2. let passengers out first a
  3. always give your seat to pregnant woman, kids, and old people 
  4. check your belonging before leaving MRT

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  1. I am totally blank about MTR but after visiting your sharing I have a little idea about it. But I have a confusion if you clear it then I will definitely use the MTR services. Let me know how I get complete information about the services and timing and the packages, complete detail about it. Now, I am going to enjoy the yellowstone chinese tour with my friends. Any suggestion for my tour would be much appreciated there.