The Art of Travel Light

Traveling with so many luggage is not my type. I prefer the simple one: one backpack and a sort of daily backpack. The fewer the better. I realize the importance of flexibility and practicality. I'm a public transport person and almost not a taxi person (although taxi is also public transport, isn't it?). But for me, using MRT or bus or....walking are the best way to feel and see the real life in a those cities or countries. That's why, those two things: flexibility and practicality, do matter for me.

Packing things in a limit space is not easy. I need some tricks to pack clothes, toiletries, and other things that I need during traveling in a not-so-big backpack. T-shirts are rolled. Bring very little. Sandal or flip-flop is in backpack (not shoes!). Organize your staff in a smart way. If you bring jacket, wear it! Don't put the jacket in your backpack because, you know, the jacket is thick. It will consumes space.

Happy travel light! 

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  1. If I talk about myself then I want to tell you by profession, I am also a tourist and traveling is my hobby. Packing is not create any problem for me because I prefer a backpack. I agreed with you its an easy carrying and without any problem. Now, I am going t enjoy the yellowstone bus tours next month. I will definitely take the suggested things to in mind and save out time. I like your trick and must apply them. Keep sharing nice ideas about the traveling.