Travel Tips: Ooopss...I lost my immigration card

Hopes that this problem does not happen to you. But .. what if this happen to you?
Hmmm ... this problem happened to me...actually happened to my friend. So this is the story...

An hour before our departure to the airport, my friend realize that her singapore's immigration card has been lost. We're so panic, so we unpacked her backpack, trying to find the card but we still can't found that immigration card.

The truth is...I've never had this experience before. I was so anxious...I can't imagine if my friend could not be back home untill she finished with her problem and it took several days to finish it.

When we checked in at the airline, I told the officer that my friend has lost her immigration card. The officer said that it's okay. He told to my friend that she must tell the immigration's officer that her immigration card has been lost. And they will replace with the new one.

That's all!!
And my friend said that the immigration's officer is so helpfull.
So...when you lost your immigration card..just don't be panic. All you have to do is ... telling the immigration's officer...then you will get the new one!!!

However, I suggest you to store the immigration card properly!!!

Happy travelling!!!


  1. hahahahahahahaha...memangnya si ay lost immigration card or forgot where putted it???

  2. lost lya...*eh ini lya kan* Buset..udah mepet mau berangkat mesti bongkar smuanya....qiqiqiqi...

  3. Oh' glad that the immigration officer there was so helpful. I can't imagine myself with that situation. Anyway, thanks for sharing.

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  4. Oh You guys have good luck and all matter solved without any more trouble. i'll also be careful once i'll travel abroad. im already in process for Singapore visa

  5. are very lucky that solved a problem without any hesitation.I am glad that immigration officer help you in right time.Thanks for sharing your experience.