Travel Destination: Pacitan....could it be the next Bali??

We all know that Bali has so many beautiful beaches, right??? But do you know that there is a city...small city in Java that also has so many amazing beaches??
Just go to the south area of east Java. There is a small city, which called Pacitan, surrounded by mountains and rock.

Some people say that pacitan is hidden surfing paradise in Java. Unlike Bali, the beaches in Pacitan is still quiet and natural, because tourist rarely visit Pacitan beache. The access is not easy and only one or two propper accomodation or resort.

Teleng Ria Beach

This white sandy beach is located near the city central and easily to reach. It is about 5 minutes from the city. There is a restaurant...Sea View Restaurant, a place you could buy your lunch or dinner, and a bungalow, Happy Bay Beach Bungalow..just in front of the beach.

Happy Bay Beach Bungalow

This place is perfect for family. Swimming is prohibited although the wave is medium.

Srau Beach

This place is perfect for fishing, swimming, and enjoying the scenery. This white sandy beach as if consisted of three areas. My favorite area is area #2, the one with coral cavities.

Watukarung Beach

Watukarung beach is a paradise for surfing. Here, there is also a small harbor with fishing boats. This place is located at the end of the road of fisherman village. This place is rarely visited. But if you intend to stay and overnight here, there is a resort, probably new resort, that stands right in front of the beach.

The beach

the resort

When I was there, there are some tourists relaxing at the resort, enjoying the secenery of the beach. But don't ask me about the resort's name....there isn't any sign that explain what the resort name is. But you can call this number if you want to get any information about the resort.

The resort contact number

Klayar Beach

This is the most beautiful beach in Pacitan. With the white sandy beach and the rocks....make this place perfect. When you are at this beach....just walk to the east part of the beach. You will see a beautiful lagoon, flanked by two rock clusters. When the waves hit the rocks repeatedly, you will see waterfall effect on the rocks.

The waterfall effect

At the east of the can explore the area behind the reef. You can find few tiny holes filled with water. At the right side, you can see cliff with a tunnel underneath. Here, you can see a great phenomena. People used to call it: the flute of the sea.

Tips when you want to explore Pacitan beaches...
  • rent a car is a must..because some places not covered with public transport
  • the access is not excellent and lot of up and down. So you need a good driver...
  • some beaches are not equipped with proper public facilities. So...bring your own needs.


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