Horoscope vs type of destination (2)

Taurus people have regal taste. They love luxury, art, food, and culture. Unique culinary, cities with famous food and drinks and culture-rich plus  cosmopolitan aura will  make Taurus people really into it. 

Gemini is impatient and unpredictable. They always want to absorb the culture from the place that they visit. They also love shopping, buying some souvenirs from the place they visit. The temperament of Gemini is fluctuating. Once they craving for peace and serenity but suddenly they want dazzling places so badly. So, the cities or places that have dual atmosphere is the best place for Gemini to visit. 

Cancer people are sensitive and emotional. Since they always look the connectivity between their emotion with the place they plan to visit, Cancer people prefer to visit places that secure and comfortable. Places with historical significance are in their top list. But, oh don't forget! Since Cancer is water sign so they would really love places around water bodies.

Leo loves something glitz and grand. And glamour. They loves something adventurous in an extra ordinary way and Leo always wants to be a leader in every single moment.
Trekking or skiing in marginal places will be the option for them. Cities with throbbing night lives yet cultural underbellies are perfect getaways for Leo people. 

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  1. I am Gemini and I love to visit cultural and historical sights in the world. I have been visited countless historical places of different regions. About a month ago I visited Petra after my niagara falls trip. This place was discovered in1812. This spot also known as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a perfect place for photography and to see the rich culture. This city also known as Rose City for the color of the stones.