7 reasons you must stay at Sosrowijayan

Sosrowijaya alley
Sosrowijayan, a.ka the backpacker's kampong in Yogyakarta is truly heaven. When you are looking for a place that can make you mingle with locals but easier your life as a backpacker, you should stay at Sosrowijayan while you are visiting Jogja.

Here are 7 reasons why you should stay at Sosrowijayan.
1. There are a lot of cheap losging here. The average cost is 100.000 rupiah/night/room. It's about 10 bucks!
2. Many cafes here. Europian food, chinesse food, even Indian food.
3. You can see the local's daily life.
4. Need books for your partner during your traveling time?? You can find the bookshops here.
5. Sosrowijayan is in Malioboro area. So it nears with the royal palace, Mirota batik, and Beringharjo Market.
6. Easy to catch the public transport. From becak to bus. And next to the train station too!
7. You cand find tours operator and motorcycle/car rentals here.

Sosrowijayan FAQs
1. Sosrowijayan is really close to the red district 'Sarkem'. It just seperated by the alley.
2. Sometimes, the pedicab drivers at Sosrowijayan force you to visit and shop in the certain art shop or fake 'Dagadu' shop.

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