Prawirotaman or Sosrowijayan??

Yogya has two tourist villages. One is in Sosrowijayan area and the other is in Prawirotaman area. They all have their uniquness. And you'll get great experiences in both area. If you are a traveler, then in which area you would prefer to stay during your traveling time in Yogya?

1. If you visit Yogya with your family..please skip Sosrowijayan. Prawirotaman is the suitable place for you. Basically, Prawirotaman's market is family tourists and midle-up tourists. Prawirotaman is more comfortable than Sosrowijayan off course. Not too crowded. But you need some effort when you want to go to Malioboro area.
2. Budget traveler? Sosrowijayan is the best choice. If you don't mind with a room without air con and tv, then you can have US$ 10/room /night.

So, what's the real difference between Sosrowijayan and Prawirotaman?
Let me say, if you prefer to stay at Sosrowijayan then you are ready to stay in a middle of local people. You stay in a real 'kampung'. You can see the local everyday life here. Sosrowijayan also near to everything. Malioboro, railway station, the royal palace.

At Prawirotaman, located at south part of Yogya, people do not stay in a real 'kampung'. Prawirotaman is a street that full with hotels and art gallery and travel agents and bars but with only a bit of local house. So, I think Prawirotaman is best for family, or people who don't want stay in a crowded atmosphere. Here, in a front of hotels, you can still find batik sellers. And a lot of pedicabs too!

So, Prawirotaman or Sosrowijayan, it depends on your needs. But although these two tourist villages have different characteristic, I think they will give you great experiences, comparing if you stay at a five-star hotels.

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