Pick Your Right Hostel

Picking the right hostel could be your worst nightmare. With so many informations about it, sometimes you just don't know which one you have to choose. I formerly have written about how to choose the right hostel in general . Now, here are some tips from me that may help you to pick the right hostel for your next trip.

  1. Pick the hostel that can meet with your basic needs. You have to know all the information details of your hostel. Remember!!! The cheaper hostels sometimes are unclean, have the bug bed, etc
  2. It will be better if you choose the hostel that is close to any public transport: Bus station, MRT/subway station, etc. Or, you may choose the hostel that is not so close to any public transport but it will be easily reached by foot.
  3. Hostel in red district?? It's okay as long as the safety is guaranteed.
  4. Pick the one with the internet/wifi. Besides wifi, I always choose hostel with pc's in their common area
  5. The breakfast. Many hostels usually provide cereal, milk, toast, and coffee for the breakfast. I rather choose the hostel that provide breakfast with many options rather than hostel that provide only one kind of menu for breakfast
  6. Locker is the most top priority while choosing the hostel

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