Nitiprayan, the street art gallery

Last Sunday, my friend took me to Nitiprayan - one of the artist village in Yogya - for doing some 'photo session' there.

Actually, Nitiprayan is a street name in Bantul district, Yogyakarta. A pretty quiet area  with village atmosphere and you can still see some paddy fields there.  Unfortunately, the big issue in this area is the decreasing of paddy fields due to changes in the function of these fields into housing.

Based on this issue, the artists who consider with this problem try to remind us that the existence of paddy field is important. They express their concern through art.
Now, this street  has become an 'art gallery'. Many instalation works are exhibits along this street, at the paddy fields.

Here are some works that exhibit at the street art gallery...

What are you thinking??

Dewi Sri statue, the god of fertility

'brain' in the middle of paddy field

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