Travel Tips: Backpacking to Saigon

Saigon (now known as Ho Chi Minh City) is a city that many travelers want to visit. It's in south vietnam, the rich-culture city and the 'east-meet-west' city that extremely unique. It's not so modern city, comparing to Singapore, even to Malaysia. But,    I'm sure you will absolutely in love with this city.

From one french colonial building to will find a lot of french colonial buildings here. Notredame Cathedral, Saigon Opera House, The Central Post Office, The City Hall are the examples. You can visit the museums. As recommended by other travelers, War Remnants Museum is the must visited museum. Ho Chi Minh museum is another interesting museum. Beside the two museums I've mentioned before, there are several museums you can visit, like fine art museum, Vietnam History Museum, Revolutionary Museum, and Duc Minh Museum. 
Don't forget to visit the Reunification Palace..that is the president palace. 
Cu Chi Tunnel is another destination you must visit. You can get amazing experiences there. Shoot with AK 147 or down the tunnel.
If  you tired with all history things, then jump to one day tour of Mekong Delta Cruise and enjoy the nature of Vietnam. 
For shopaholic.....Saigon is the best place for shopping. Unique souvenirs, ao dai (vietnam traditional clothes for woman), ethnic bag... There are so many stuff you can buy in a cheap price. Ben Tanh Market and De Tham Street are the place you can visit if you want to go for shopping.

You must try the street food. With only VND 20.000 (about US$2) you can have Saigon street food. Pho, is the dish you must buy. It's like a noodle soup with meat and vegetables. Pho 2000 is the famous restaurant in Saigon.
For halal food, you can go to Halal Saigon near the Saigon Mosque.
Don't forget to try Vietnam coffee. Trung Nguyen Coffee shop in Le Loi Street is the cozy place for having Vietnam coffee.

Pham Ngu Laon in district 1 is a tourist district. From hotel to hostel. You better stay there.

Just like in Bangkok, scam in Saigon is one thing you should consider. There are few bad stories about cyclo and taxies. In Saigon, the most recommended taxi is VINASUN. Make sure you have the taxi driver with the uniform (usually white shirt and a tie). Beware if you make a deal with cyclo driver. Better you write the price that has been agreed so you can use it if the cyclo driver intend to decieve you.

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