Culinary: Chocolate time @Coklat Monggo

Who doesn't love chocolate?? I guess most of people love chocolate. Now...for chocolate lovers, if you visit Yogya, you can find the most delicious chocolate-100% produced from Indonesian cocoa- that is...Coklat Monggo. The owner of Coklat Monggo is a belgian chocolatier who lived in Yogyakarta.

Located at Kotagede, Jl Dalem KG III/978, you can find the outlet easily. Just go to the Kotagede traditional market (Pasar Kotagede) then just ask people there about the direction to Coklat Monggo outlet.

The chocolate itself made from dark chocolate and milk for people with lactosa allergic..this chocolate is 'friendly' for you. The taste is really good....!! Slightly bitter but my 4 years old son loves it so much. They have praline, caramel, strawberry, dark chocolate, and ginger flavor. also can find Coklat Monggo products at Mirota Batik, Circle K, and supermarkets. But...if we buy at the outlet we can see 'the chocolate kitchen' from the store.
And the cozy outlet..I'm sure you won't mind if you have to stay longer there, eating chocolate and have a chit chat with your friends.

If you buy Coklat Monggo from the outlet, I give you one tip. The cashier sometimes make a mistake on giving the change. So you have to count back the change before you leave the store.



  1. jadi pengen kesana dueh... ^_^

  2. i like ur blog many traveling and culinary

    Lenny Vicka

  3. @lenny..hi.....thanks for visiting my blog.. yepp!! I like traveling and eating...hahaha... that's why I made this blog!


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  5. Hey Rani,, Its nice blog, great article..

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    Oke thank you,
    We are sure you'll enjoy the chocolate,,

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