Travel tips: Solo traveler or Traveling with friends

What would you choose?? Being solo traveler or traveling with your friends??
Which one is more fun?

Well...actually. it depends on you. It would be fun traveling with your friends, but being solo traveler will give you many great experiences too!!

When I went to London several years ago..I was a solo traveler. Map become my best friend. Actually I'm not really solo traveler. Sometimes my sista accompanied me exploring the England. my 3 weeks-trip, I often traveling alone.
Several months ago, I went to Singapore with my friends. Four guys and two girls, including me. It was really fun there although sometimes I have to be patient and being more tolerant with the team.

So....having experience as a solo traveler or as a team traveler is really great. It cannot be compared because they will absolutely give you a different experiences.
Here I will try to make an 'advantage-disadvantage list' between solo traveler and team traveler.

Solo TravelerTraveling with friends
  • You are free as a bird. You don't have to be compromise with your companion needs

  • The trip is under your control. You can changing the itinerary as you like. Stay at a place that you like longer.

  • Learning their language faster. When you traveling alone and you travel to the place that has different language from your place, you have no choice but to speak the language when you have to or want to socialize with the locals.

  • you have more chance to chat with locals.
  • Yes!! You can share the bills.

  • You don't have to ask strangers when you want to take a pic of you

  • You have someone to discuss during the trip. About where you want to go, what you want to it, what you want to see, and many things to make your trip goes well.

  • You won't feel so lonely. There are so many things you could do during the trip

  • You can ask your friends to watch your luggage when you have to go to the bathroom.

  • You need a greater awareness of safety issues. No one to watch your luggage when you to the bathroom in airport.

  • You can't share the bills during your trip.

  • Dining alone at a restaurant

  • You have to ask stranger to take your pic during the trip. Hopefully you ask the good one so they won't steal your camera.

  • Going to unsafe places? Better no!!

  • Compromise is the key to make your traveling successful. So...your trip is under the team control. can't free as a bird. You can't change the itinerary as you like, you absolutely have to discuss with your team the places you want to see, where you want to eat.

  • You may trap in a long and exhausting argues about the trips and the itinerary. Once again, the keyword is tolerant and compromise.

Just tell me...which one is you?

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