Destination it really important for you??

As a traveler, I use the internet to decide what destination I should visit for my next trip. Seeing the pic of many destination, reading some travel blogs, then I'll pick one or two destinations.
Well...what about you? What makes you choose the destination for your trip? Is it enough...just to see the pic of destination or read some travel blogs??

What about with the destination brand? Malaysia Truly Asia? Uniquely Singapore? Taiwan-the heart of Asia?
Does it influence you on choosing the destination?

For me...yes...sometimes it influenced me. When I heard Incredible India, for example, I imagine that India contains incredible things to see, to do, to feel, and to buy. The cultures, the lifestyle, the people, the architecture, the landscape, the Bollywood, the cuisine... Everything in India is incredible.
The fact is, we know that India has many heritage sites, many festival and events, strong culture and the cuisine...with the unique taste...makes people fall in love with it.
So..the power of destination branding is strong. Brand can drive tourist to choose and visit a destination. The time we heard about the brand, the next second we will playing with our perception about the place based on its brand. Brand helps increasing the visitors to the destination.

Uhmm...just tell me!!! Does destination brand really matters to you???

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