Responsible Tourism

Tourism can have a negative impact for environment. Garbage, environmental damage... If we are not concern about this, then the tourism itself will be unable to sustain. Responsible tourism is a great idea to make the tourism sustain.

What is Responsible Tourism
According to Wikipedia responsible tourism is a tourism that creates better places for people to live in, and better places to visit.
Responsible tourism aims are:
  • local-economic growth
  • sustainable environment and integrity
  • social justice

Imagine this!! We travel to a new place. Meet new people. Meet the local. We admiring the architectures. The culture. The scenery. This beautiful place is somebody's home. So...just thinking..if this beautiful place is your would you want visitors to behave in your home?

How to be a responsible tourist
Become responsible tourist is the important thing to do. It keeps the tourism sustain. So, as a traveler we should do:

Go green, always put the garbage into its place, don't damage the environment (even if just pick flowers), don't make any vandalism.
Support the local business, buy the souvenirs or food from local shops.
Respect the local culture, you must obey the local regulations even if you think that the cultures or the rules are ridiculous for you

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