Travel Destinations: Colorado...finding its beauty nature

After 17 hrs driving from Houston, we finally arrived in Colorado. Yaaayyyy!!! One week in Houston made me want to go somewhere more naturally. and my family decided to go to the north and spend a week in Colorado.
Because it's a family trip with two toddlers, so I picked the destination and the lodge that 'toddler friendly'.

Our home base is in Estes Park. Sorry cause I forget the lodge's name but...I remember there is a river behind the lodge, with a playground in its yard.
Why Estes Park? Because Estes Park is like the 'entrance gate' to Rocky Mountains. So, based on that reason, we chose Estes Park to be our home base.

This is our lodge

The river behind the cabin

It was a nice cabin. With two bedrooms, a living room with tv, pantry with fridge, and a bathroom.

And we go to...

Rocky Mountain
Feel and touch the snow in a summer time?? Just visit Rocky Mountains National Park. Rocky Mountains is a popular destination for hiking, camping, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding and water rafting in summer.

Yaaayy!!!! Snow everywhere!!!

We use our car to reach the peak. Thanks for the good access to the peak. During the journey to the peak, if we are lucky, we can see the animals there, such as brown bear, deer, or bighorn sheep.

Enjoying the scenery from the rest area

Bear Lake
Located at Rocky Mountains, Bear Lake is a must-visit destination. The scenery is beautiful, and we can easy-walk around the lake. You can find squirrels here.

Bear Lake

The Shuttle Bus

You can use the shuttle bus to explore Bear Lake Road, or you can explore it with your own car.
Hiking, fishing, and camping are the things you can do here.

Red Rocks Park

Red Rocks is located in Jefferson County, Colorado. Here, you will see a very large red sandstone.

After we finished Bear Lake-Rocky Mountains tour, I came to this small town. I didn't knnow its name. But if we finished explore Rocky Mountains by car, then we will arrive at this place. I didn't spend much time here. Just stop, having lunch, and let my kid playing at the play ground.'s a nice place. The weather, the atmosphere..... I really fell in love with this place just because of them. Here, is the firs time I have turkey leg for my lunch. I buy it from the stall. And I'm so amazed because of its size. So I share the turkey leg with my hubby.'s delicious!!!

Lake George
Lake George is a perfect place for you to escape from city life. This place is so peaceful. I feel like I'm in the middle of nowhere. The best thing when I visited here was...I stay in a cabin and when I sit on the veranda, I can enjoying the scenery of the lake. This place is located about 42,3 miles northwest of Colorado Spring.

Traveler's Tips
  • If you want to explore Colorado, I suggest you to use car.
  • You can do adventure traveling here, from hiking, camping, mountain biking, fishing...just choose it
  • Better not exploring Rocky mountains by car...if misty.
  • Jacket or sweater is the most important thing to bring. Even in summer, the weather is cold especially at night

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