Travel Destinations: Bali Safari and Marine Park

This is the third Safari Park in Indonesia. Actually, I rather disappointed with this Safari Park. It's not a safari at all. I prefer to called it as a zoo with a little bit of safari taste.
Located at Gianyar Bali, this Safari Park reminds me of Singapore Zoo a bit.
At the entrance we can purchase ticket from ticket booth. There are five packages that you could choose: Safari explorer, Jungle hopper, Elephant back safari, Safari adventure, Leopard, and Rhino.
I chose the Safari explorer not because it's the cheapest but it's the most suitable package for me and my family.
After we purchase, we should take a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus will drop us into Terminal Bali, the main gateway to the journey.

The attractions...
  • Safari journey, inside the shuttle bus with a guide, we can get 'up close' to the animals and taking pictures of the animals

  • Animal Rides and animal show, or take a picture with the animal. You can feed the animal too or you can see bathing the elephant. If you intend to see the show or feeding the animal, make sure you know the schedule.
feeding the elephant

bathing the elephant

  • Cultural show, you can see Bali dance and Barong performance. might interest in learning Bali dance? Here you can take Bali Dance lesson.
  • Playground
  • also can see the zoo keeper feeding the fish.
Hello...I'm piranha..

Fishes in an aquarium

The facilities
There are restaurants, The Tsavo Lion-you can see the animals through the windows while you were dining- and Uma restaurant-served from Western to Indonesian food.
You can find souvenir shop at the main terminal or near Lobby Barong

A tips from me
If you go there in rainy weather, I suggest you to bring your own umbrella. The umbrella that sold in the souvenir shop is expensive.
If you visit on Sunday, then you must have your lunch at Uma restaurant. Bali Dance performance was held at Uma Restaurant every Sunday at lunch time.

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