Travel Destination: Tanah Abang Jakarta

Yes...we know that Jakarta has a lot of malls. you know...a place for shopping called Tanah Abang?? For shopalholic, why don't you try shopping at this place??? 
Tanah Abang which located at Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta) is a place for shopping wholesale and retail. There are a lot of goods that are sold here. Clothes, fabrics, bed sheet, bags, shoes, accessories...

Here are the guidelines about the type of goods, complete with instructions onwhat floor the goods are located :
B1 Floor             : draperiesa wide range of materials or fabrics such as jeanskebaya,batik, bed sheet and bed cover 
SLG Floor          : All kinds of woman clothes
 LG Floor           : woman cothes
Ground Floor      : woman and man clothes
1st Floor             : baby and kid clothes
2nd Floor            : Woman clothes....
3rd Floor             : bagsbeltswalletswomen's accessories such as bracelets,necklacesetc. 

3A Floor             : Shoes
5th Floor             : woman-man-kid clothes;
6th & 7th Floor   : boutiques 
8th Floor             : Food Court 

Here are some tips if you want to shop here!!

  • come as early as possible. 
  • don't bring your kid...because shopping here is less comfort for children
  • there is no fitting room here, so you should know your size precisely.
  • if you intend to buy in a large amount, bring luggage.
Happy shopping!!

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