Travel Tips: Things you can do when you stuck at the airport for hours

Sometimes..when you are may trap in this situation. Your plane is delay for hours, you are alone, or you have to overnight at airport...
Yes..I know!! It's sucks! But we have to deal with it.
I remember when I have to spend at least for ten hours at Soekarno-Hatta Int'l airport (Jkt) or overnight at King Abdulaziz Int'l airport (Jeddah). It was so boring. are things you can do when you trap at that situation.
  1. Read book... I always bring one or two novels while I was traveling. Reading books is one of the best options to accompanying me while I was trap in undesirable situation. 
  2. the best options to while you have to wait for . But...make sure that you won't miss the plane
  3. Facebook-ing, chatting, reading e-book, or playing with games?? Use your gadget. Find a free wifi at the airport. 
  4. Window shopping.
  5. Do you like photography? Why don't you just taking photos of the airport?? 
  6. Spending the time at airport cafe or executive lounge.
  7. My favorite things to do when I'm traveling alone is..... I usually observe people around me. Their style,  their clothes, what books they read, their fashion.....
  8. Just walking around the airports. If it possible, you can getting around from one terminal to others.
  9. Getting shower

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