Travel Tips: First time abroad

I write this topic...just because in the one rainy afternoon, I start to clean up my bookcase. Then I found these photos...from my teenage era until a few years ago...when digital cameras are still rare. And my 'first time abroad trip photos' remind me of that time...the time I travel abroad...and it was my first solo travel.

I still remember... I have to fly for about 16 hours. I have to transit for four hours. I was seventeen. And although I'm going abroad to visit my sister...but in her last phone call, she told me that she will be busy for few I must going anywhere alone. Sounds challenging for me but the truth is...I feel so anxious...uhnmmm... just a bit... but for me there is no second change.
The big issue is...should I worry about it?? What if I have to open my backpack and my luggage and there are some stuff that are prohibited to be brought? What if they don't understand what I'm talking about...just because I'm from Asian and my English is not really good? What if I lost somewhere? What if...

Hmm... I'm sure that you will have the same worried if you are the 'first-timer' and you are a solo travel. Here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Do some research...about the people, the culture life, the religion, the safety of the country that you will visit.
  2. It's better for you to learn their language. You don't have to be expert. Knowing their daily conversation is enough. Although you are good in English, but some countries don't speak English as their language.
  3. You better reserve the accommodation first. You can search it from the internet. What kind of accommodation that you want. Hostel? Hotel? Bed and breakfast?
  4. Exchange the currency before you go. You will need your destination currency and your transit. Better you prepare the coins...just incase you need it to buy some drink or chocolate from the machine.
  5. Don't forget to prepare all the documents you may need.
  1. If you are solo travel...make a friend with other traveler. Although you travel in a group or with your friends...but I suggest you to make a friend with other traveler. Who knows they can give you the advices for your trip.
  2. Don't trust people easily. suggest to make a friend but don't loose your awareness.
  3. Only bring cash just for a day in your wallet. And put the rest of the money into your bag.
  4. Do not wear jewelery
  5. Always take a map or brochures or MRT/bus schedule when you arrive at the airport.
  6. Have fun.....

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