Travel Tips: Traveling with baby n tots

Traveling with baby or tots sometimes can be a disaster. Is it true??

We have to keep their mood so they won't be whining or crying or fussy. And it's so tiring...that even we can enjoy the trip itself!!
Yes!!...Some mommies give this reason when they are asking to be travel with their baby or their tots.
And...they must bring a lot of things to fulfill their baby needs. The food, the milk, diapers, toys, medicines....

Hmm.. maybe traveling with your tots or your babies is a bit inconvenient. doesn't mean you cannot have fun. All you have to do is knowing a few tips to make your trip enjoyable and comfort for your babies..

Before you go..
  • if you plan to go by have to pack your baby stuff into two bags. One for all the stuff that he/she may needs during the flight (and you must bring it into cabin), the other is the stuff that she/he will needs during the trip
  • Check to the airlines...should you buy a seat for a baby?
During the trip
  • when you go by plane...make sure you bring one bag special for your tots/babies needs during the flight. Toys (make sure that their toys won't make other passengers disturbed), their foods, diapers, jacket, milk, books and maybe paracetamol and toilettries. An international flight regulation prohibit passengers to bring liquid more than 5 ml into cabin...but...according to my experience, I can bring two bottles of water into cabin just because I said that my tots really needs the water to make a milk during the flight.
  • you must bring stroller
  • plan your trip carefully. Choose the friendly destination for your tots/babies.
  • if you have to transit for more than 4 hours..why don't you choose to stay in transit hotel for a while..
  • One thing you have to consider is... you have to choose a hotel room with good safety for your babies.
  • You can tell a story for your tots during the flight....
  • If your kid is a toddler... it will be better for you to talk about your trip before the day. You can tell them that they will go for a trip by plane...and you can tell them that although they should be in a plane for hours..but it will be fun.
  • Gate check and early don't be late to the airport!!!
Have a nice trip with your tots!!!

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