Travel Destinations: One fine Boat Quay

Spending my evening at Boat Quay while i was visiting's a great idea. Watching people jogging after office hours, enjoying the scenery and eating es potong - cutting ice cream covered with bread- i felt like in heaven on earth.

Boat Quay is one of the best open space in Singapore. In 1960, this place was a port. For me, this place so beautiful with a colonial architectural taste. Here, you can take a boat trip for S$25. Or, if you just want to sit at the river side and enjoy the would be a great idea too. There are, also, a lot of restaurants here. It is one of must-visit destination while you were in Spore. I'm sure you'll love being here...and always want to come and come again...

Here are some pictures at Boat Quay

I love this bridge's design

The Fullerton across the river

The the architectural style

Love the silhouette

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