Attraction: Vesak

Last year I had the opportunity to see the celebration of Vesak at Borobudur Temple. I atended the Pradakshina ceremony that held by WALUBI (Indonesian Buddhist Organization).
Pradakshina is walking around in a 'circle' , surrounding the temple. It is a form of worship. Usually, pradakshina is done after completing the traditional worship.
After a long and exhausting argued with the security guard, finally I could enter to the Temple court, the place where the ritual was held. The ritual begins at 6 pm. Beginning with praise and prayers by Monks and the Buddhist walking around the temple, and ended with releasing the lanterns.

My tips are...
If you decide to attend the next Vesak, I suggest you to contact the WALUBI first. Just find the Walubi office near Borobudur temple (I ask to local people where the Walubi office is). You can ask about the detail about the ritual and based on my experience, you may need an ID card to enter the ceremony. Last year, I didn't have any ID Card. And I have to enter from the path near Manohara Hotel (it is very tiring). Unless you are a Buddhist, I guess you don't need ID card.
I suggest you to come early...because it will be easy to find parking.
Just don't forget to bring mineral water before you entering the ceremony. You cannot buy the water or food at the ceremony area.

The Buddhist people were attending the opening ritual

The candles

Mommy....look! I can light the candles

Surrounding the temple

The monks are preparing to release the lantern

The lanterns in the sky

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