Stuck at Changi then what should I do??

You’re in Changi and your flight turned out to be delayed for hours. Everything you have:  your books has been read, your music player is not interesting anymore, you are so bored playing with your gadget.....  So, if this situation happen to you then what should you do????
Well, Changi has facilities to entertain you while you have to wait for hours for your flight.  Instead all cafes and duty free shops, actually there are some facilities that may cheer you up.

At departure transit  lounge level 3, near kid’s playground, you will find this beautifull roof-top garden.  Cactus Garden   is a good place for relaxing while watching the plane take off or landing. Or having some drinks from the bar that located at this garden. Internet kiosk is your option. Enjoying free internet. But, it will be automatically shut down frequently. 

Unlike Terminal 1, Terminal 2 has so many facilities that surely will entertain you while you were waiting for your flight. 
At departure transit lounge level 2 there is Orchid Garden, Fench Garden and Koi pond. At level 3 you will find Sunflower Garden. Enough with the gardens?? You can go to transit area behind  Lee Hwa Diamond Gallery. There you’ll find Xperience zone. At there you can enjoy tv ‘s programs  through large screen,  play at gaming zone, and more interesting activities are waiting for you there.  

This is my favorite. Butterfly Garden  at Terminal 3. Here, you can see many beautiful butterflies with good landscape. You also can see the place-that made from glass-as a breeding glass-case.

  • Use skytrain as your transportation through terminals.
  • Kids play ground and internet kiosk is available in all terminals
  • To see the gardens, you should check-in first. 

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