Cosmopolitan Hostel...a nice place to stay in KL

Cosmopolitan hostel is at that brown building
We decide to stay at Cosmopolitan hostel while in KL...just because this hostel has been reviewed by Lonely Planet. Besides...the location of this hostel is very strategic. Near Chow Kit monorail station.
Cosmopolitan hostel is at Chow Kit district. My first impression is...this district is a little bit dirty, it's acceptable...because there is a traditional market here. But at night...this district is heaven of cheap local food!!!!

The hostel itself located at Jalan Haji Hussein, next to 7 eleven. It;s easy to find I guess....!!!

while we were check-in

The hostel is clean, cheap, cozy, and they have good facilities. Wifi, internet, tv, and you can rent towel and blanket if you need it...just for RM 2 each.
They provide private room, mixed-dorm, and 8-bed female dorm. The cheapest room is dorm with fan.
The rate is including simple breakfast...toast with jam or cereal with milk. If you want to cook something like instant noodle, you can use their stove.

the dining room

The kitchen
But...if you cat better forget this hostel. Because the owner has two lovely cats. If you don't bother...this place is perfect for you.
One thing that impress me from this hostel is....the staff is very helpfull and friendly. So....overall, I think it is a quite nice place to stay and value for money.
One of the hostel's rules that we must obey
For another information, you could visit here or here.

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