Wediombo Beach....

After years, we've only knew Parangtritis as must visited beach if you are visiting Yogya. Well, I'll give you another option, an amazing beach you have to visit if you are visiting Yogya, instead of Parangtritis Beach or Parangkusumo Beach. That is...Wediombo Beach

Located in Gunung Kidul, at Desa Jepitu Giri Subo, about 25 km from the town of Gunung Kidul Wonosari, this beach has different characteristic comparing to Parangtritis. It has a white sandy beach with blue water, surrounded by green hills.

How we get there??

The road to this beach can be passed either by car or bus. But, of course, you have to be careful because the road is quite narrow and winding. There are two paths that can be taken:

Line 1: Through along the beaches in Gunung Kidul - Tepus - Girisubo - Wediombo.

Line 2: Through Wonosari - Semanu - Jepitu - Wediombo

If you do not have a car and want to use public transport then first you have to go to Terminal Giwangan. Then find the Yogya - Wonosari bus. After you arrive at Wonosari bus station , you have to switch to small bus to Jepitu. Then at the junction of Jepitu, you have to take an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to Wediombo.

So, after we arrive at Wediombo, what can we do there?

Of course you can enjoy the scenery (especially the sunset), you can fishing there even hiking in the hills surrounding the beach.

Another things you should know!!!
Unfortunately around this beach, there are no good accommodation. There were only small shops located at the seaside, selling sate or snacks and mineral water. The access that connecting the beach and the car park still a gravel road.

Then, after playing all day on the beach ... you can rinse your body at public bathrooms that have been provided by local residents. And it's not free ....


  1. How bout the price of retribution, and the other facilities in there? may be u can inform to us...

  2. for the's Rp.1000/person, Rp.2000/per car, Rp. 1000/per motorcycle, Rp 3000 for parking...

    And for the facilities, besides public rest room and the stalls...there is no another facilities....