Surabaya Heritage Tour...explore the old Surabaya

What you want to do or to see when you traveling to Surabaya? Shopping? Culinary?
Hummm ... how about exploring the old town in Surabaya? See the old buildings? Knowing a little bit of the building's history??

Now there is new attraction in Surabaya. Not really new, but I knew about this attraction in early 2010. Its name is Surabaya Heritage Tour or we can call it SHT. From the name we can guess that this attraction is a tour to the old city of Surabaya.

Do you want to
know more about Surabaya Heritage Tour? Okey .. just read the article below!

SHT is a tour, organized by House of Sampoerna and it's free!!! So..all you have to do is just come to House of Sampoerna and register to TIC office (in front of Cafe Sampoerna). You can booked the tour by phone..!!!

There are two kinds of the tour...short trip tour and long trip tour. The short trip tour is held from Tuesday till Thursday at 10 am, 1 pm and 3 pm with the tour duration is about 1,5 hours.
The long trip tour is held only in Friday till Sunday at 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm with the tour duration is about 2 hours.
The route for the short trip tour: House of Sampoerna - Tugu Pahlawan - PTPN XI building - House of Sampoerna
The route for the long trip tour: House of Sampoerna - Balai Pemuda - Balai Kota - Cak Durasim - House of Sampoerna
Besides these 2 regular tours, there is another tour which called theme tour.

There is a guide who will explain about the places that we would visited during the tour. Unfortunatelly, the explanation is less detailed. But this sightseeing tour is really fun. We can see the other side of Surabaya that..I'm sure ..really amazing....

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