Travel in a Tour Group

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Hmm... I guees I was too much writing about backpacker traveler. Okay....!!! Now..I will write about traveling in a tour group.
Travel in a tour group usually arranged by a travel agent. A travel agent has many choices of travel packages and for each packages requires certain amount of participant. Traveling in a tour group is perfect for those who want to travel abroad practically, don't have to think about the transportation, accommodation, even they don't have to make a plan which destinations they should be visited.
Here, I try to explain what is the advantages and disadvantages traveling in a tour group.

This is the advantages traveling in a tour group:
  • You don't have to think about accommodation and transportation. Everything is set up by travel agent.
  • Traveling in a tour group really helpful for those who never been abroad before.
  • You don't have to make a plan about which destinations you should be visited, including preparing an alternative plan just in case something undesirable happened (rain).
  • More efficient use of time
The disadvantages are....
  • More expensive, because you have more facilities rather than when you travel ala backpacker, for have a tour guide.
  • You couldn't be flexible in time. Everything is set up from breakfast time till the time you spend in each destination.
  • You must follow the entire schedule, you must visit to destinations that have been planned although you may don't like the destination.
  • You can't feel the 'soul' of the countries or places that you've visited. You don't have any chance to really mingle with the locals, using public transport, shopping at traditional market, etc. It's like you just go to a place and looking at that place through a window...not entering that place.
  • Yo may loose a chance to visit a beautiful destination which is not as famous as other destinations just because your tour group doesn't put that destination in the schedule.
So...the choice is yours. If you want traveling abroad easily and can choose traveling in a tour group.

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