Budget Airlines...is it really safe??

Using budget airlines (a.ka low-cost airlines) can save your travelling cost. But..for some people they doubted about the safety of budget airlines. So....is budget airlines really safe for us??
One thing you should know is...why they can give us the cheaper price. They can give us the cheaper price because of they cross-cutting in areas other than safety.

Which mean:
  • they only have a single passenger class
  • they only have a single type of aircraft, so they can reduce training and servicing cost
  • using small airport for landing, so the landing fees are much cheaper. For example, they landing in budget terminal.
  • landing at early in the morning or late at night
  • charge for baggage, meals, and reserved seating
  • no entertainment during flight
  • direct flight, or simplified routes
  • fast turnaround times
Although they cheap..but they still concern about the safety. If they have a bad record, then they will be given penalty buy the government...even grounding. And...no one will ever fly with them.

So..budget airlines is safe. Of course you cannot expecting them as comfort as non budget airlines but...they all still in standard.

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