Lost in Singapore

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It happened to me while I was visiting Singapore about few month ago with my friends. After 'never ending' photo session at Merlion, we decided to spend the time at Clark Quay before we went back to the hotel. On the way to the nearest MRT station, I gott lost. Just because I was too excited playing with my friend's SLR camera and I didn't realize that my friends turned into the park and I just walked straight towards to MRT Station.

My feeling said that I was separate from my friends. I tried to call my friend but I was out of credit, so I couldn't either make a phone call or receive a phone call. I didn't bring the map and all I had was MRT map app in my iPhone. Then I asked someone how to reach the nearest MRT station. Luckilly he was from my country and he lend me his cell phone. Finally, I could call my friend.and we met at MRT station.

The lesson from getting lost is just don't forget to bring map, both MRT and city map. There are many city maps in app store or google play. Just download it. You also always make sure your cell phone is able to make or to receive phone call. How lucky I am...met a good guy and helped me to find my friends. Just imagine, .what if you get lost somewhere..without a map, a cell phone, and nobody to ask???
And...don't be panic if you get lost, so you can think clearly how to get back into the right place...


  1. hahahahahaha...i ever felt this when i lost in singapore when i was at elementary school...

  2. can't imagine if i lost in jakarta..... I guess i prefer lost in Spore than lost in Jakarta...