Some people think that going abroad requires a lot of money. This makes some of them postpone their willing to travel abroad, although they actually want.
Is that right?

Well, the opinion was not entirely wrong.
But that does not mean we can not work around this.
One strategy that you could do to fulfill your dream is ... to be a backpacker!

Backpacker is a typical tourist with a backpack on her/his back while walking. Backpacker always looking for something cheap and really enjoy the trip details. Yes...!!! It was their style.

Why people choose being a backpacker
Besides a limited budget reason, the other reason is ... the experience. It's so challenging. Sometimes, people need to break their settle world. Moreover, unlike traveling in a tour group(that everything was neatly packed), a backpacker allows us to be more flexible. They can go to places that they like and more able to feel the soul of the places we've visited. They can explore the destination as they like. Sometimes they can find beautiful places, or cheaper acommodation. And we cannot have it when we travel in a tour group.

So, what should you do before you travelin '
  • Choose your destination, the place/country you wanna go, then find out as much about the destination / country. Which places worth a visit, survey hostel / dormitory in there, download a map of the city / MRT maps, places to eat cheap, and others. Ask people who never travel to the area, or browse through the internet, read a book, etc. Find out also about the country's visa policy and how you can apply it
  • Set the date, this is important because usually in high season the ticket will be much more expensive than low season.
  • hunting ticket then buy, you should comparing the airlines, which one is sell cheaper , which one is selling promo ticket. Don't forget to check the departure time. Some airlines sell inexpensive ticket but the departure time is too early or too late and when you arrive in your destination, there is no public transport so you must use taxi to go to your hostel. I suggest you to use budget airlines. Because it is usually cheaper.
After you got the ticket, and the D day will come, you should pack all your stuff into a backpack. And here is a guide what stuff you should bring or you may bring:
  • The documents, such as passports, international driving license, etc
  • Clothes, check your destination's climate. If the climate is hot, bring clothes such as polo shirts or a shirt, slacks and shorts. Don't bring too much. Usually in hostels or dorms they provide washing machine and iron. So you can wash your clothes there. If your destination often rains, better bring a raincoat rather than an umbrella, because raincoat can be folded. But if you want to bring umbrella, bring the little one. And don't forget to bring underwear or bikinis (if your destination is a beach)
  • hat
  • Footwear, bring sandals/flip flop and sneakers/boots.
  • small towel
  • Toiletries and cosmetics
  • mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras and its charger.
  • First aid kit

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  1. wah. tips yang bagus.. saya sudah merencanakan perjalanan ke destinasi yang sudah lama saya inginkan.. mudah2an bisa tercapai tahun ini :)