Culinary: House of Raminten: the new way to eat 'nasi kucing'.

Have you ever heard "nasi kucing"? In Yogya, this is very popular. Nasi Kucing is a rice with oseng tempe , or sambel teri as a dishes and usually served wrapped in paper. This kind of food can be categorized as hawker food so it usually sell at stalls.
Nowadays in Yogya, 'nasi kucing' can be found at the restaurant. House of Raminten-located in Jl. FM Noto 7 Kotabaru Yogya- brings the 'angkringan' concept into a restaurant.
This restaurant is.unique. You could feel the java atmosphere here from the first time you walked into this restaurant. I could smell the aroma of the myrrh. The waiters and the waitress were wearing a javanese traditional clothes. The waitress wearing the 'kemben' and the waiters wearing a 'jarit' with black vest and white shirt.


What about the dishes? Like i said in previous, this restaurant brings the angkringan concept so usually many people chose nasi kucing for the dishes and completed by sate or other side dishes..But, if you don't want it, you can choose other dishes such as noodles, fried rice, soto, fried chicken, bubur ayam (chicken porridge) or you just can choose the snacks.

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  1. Additional information
    House of Raminten now has opened a new branch in Jl.Kaliurang Km.15.5, located in northern Mirota Batik Jl.Kaliurang.