Travel Destinations: Causeway Bay

Causeway bay is one of famous shopping district in Hong Kong. From Sogo to Jardine's Bazaar and Jardine's Crescent. From branded fashion to non-branded fashion.
Causeway bay is the perfect place for shopping and dining.

What can be found here...
  • Indonesian Food. You can find Padang Indonesia Restaurant, serving Indonesian Food. Good taste and worth it to try, Warung Chandra or Warung Malang at 2nd floor Dragon Rise building
  • Cheap clothes. If you rather want to spend your money for cheap clothes or maybe you want to buy "I love HK's t-shirt" or cheap souvenirs, just go to Jardine's Bazaar or Jardine's crescent. You can bargain the stuff. But for the 'extra large body' I didn't recommend you to buy clothes here. Because the clothes majority are in petite size.
  • Victoria park, the main city park in HK island. It used to be the venue for major events. It's excellent for sport, it has a playground for kids, for hang out or just enjoying the day...

The kids are playing at Victoria's Park playground
How to get here
Just take MTR Island Line and stop at Causeway Bay Station.

So....if you travel to Hong Kong... you must visit this destination. Causeway Bay....

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