my traveling me-time

This is the best moment while i was traveling somewhere.

Me, early in the morning. With a bowl of cereal as my breakfast, in front of hostel's pc, connecting to the world through cyber. It's early in the morning, and people who stay in my hostel still in their bed.

It's definitely my me-time in my travel time.

It reminds me a bit with my habit when I was at home.

My another me-time during my travel time is...when I go to bed at night, inside my blanket, and my ipod is playing my fave songs...and what i have to do is just lying and listening to my ipod and remembering about what I've done during my travel time..

I'm absolutely being anti-social person in the world!!" me-time is reallyimportant during my travel time. Because it can recharging me from all things that may bored me. And sleeping with stranger??? Yeepp!!! I feel like I'm loosing my privacy. So...who doesn't need me time during the travel time???

I need it.

And what about you??

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