Travel Tips: Backpacking to Tanjungpinang

Tanjungpinang is an old-fashioned city, lies near Batam Island in Kepulauan Riau region. Can reach from Singapore or Johor and...also Jakarta or Batam, this city is rich of culture. Mix of Melayu culture and Chinesse. This place is perfect for traveler who loves to explore a unique traditional cultures.

Get In
From singapore or Johor there are ferries that will serve you to Tanjungpinang daily.
From Jakarta there is a direct flight to Tanjungpinang
Or from Jakarta take the flight to Batam and then take the ferry to Tanjungpinang.

What to do
Tanjungpinang isn't big city. The best way to explore this city is on your foot or you can take ojek (motorcycle taxi). The main destination in Tanjungpinang is Pulau Penyengat (Penyengat Island), about 15 mins from the city by traditional boat which is called pompong. At Pulau Penyengat you can find the tombs of Melayu-Riau Kings' family, Melayu traditional house, and Sultan Riau mosque that has been built with eggs as the cement. You can explore this place by bentor (motor tricycle) or hire a bike or just walk on foot.
There are no accommodotaion here.
You can go to Senggarang, also by pompong and see the chinesse fisherman village, the Banyan tree, and the temples.
If you want to go to the beach, the nearest beach from Tanjungpinang is Trikora Beach. But you have to take taxi or rent a car to go to that beach.
In the morning, forget about the hotel breakfast. Just walk to the city, there are a lot of Kedai Kopi (coffee house) that serve coffee and local breakfast.

Coffee shop

Where to sleep
According to Lonely Planet, there is a cheap homestay which is called Bong's homestay. But when I was there I couldn't find it.
The other cheap hotel but comfy is Purnama hotel, just 5 mins from Melayu Square or 10 mins from the port.

Tanjungpinang is a safe place even for solo female traveler. Just before sunset, you should go to Melayu Square or to Tanjungpinang waterfront that located in front of Melayu Square. Enjoy the sea, the scenery, and the sunset.

Gees....I already fell in love with that city!!!

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