Downtown Houston

Although Houston is not a famous destination for traveler but actually there are some places you could visit while you were there! And if you only have a little time to enjoy Houston then Houston downtown is a must visit place you could not ignore!

Thank's to the government who established good public transportion in 2003 to explore downtown. Besides metro (public bus), you should try metrorail to explore downtown. With only $1.25 for single trip and valid for 3hrs, you could explore theater district, museum district, historical district, or...for shopahollic..the shopping district.

My journey starts from Holocaust Museum. I came to the museum around 8.45 and the museum still close. Lucky me! I just walked around the museum, took some pictures and when I came back the museum was open.
The museum is free, but they told us to donate. Taking pictures inside museum is prohibited. Actually, it brokes my heart. But what can I do?? So I kept the camera inside my backpack and left it in the locker.
The main part in this museum tells us about the holocaust from Jewish side. We can see what happen that day and the days after. There are also several exhibitions here, but still under 'holocaust' or 'war' term.

Felt enough with the museum, I took the train to shopping district. I saw homelesses were sitting in front of shops. They were waiting for us, probably for some foods or money. 
At other side, the policeman who rides horse was giving directions to the tourist. I just walked around this district and found benches with ponds in front of it. Workers were sitting there and having their breakfast. Paradox always happen everywhere!

Next, I walked toward city hall. I sat at Hermann Square, enjoying the day. But the homeless who sat next to me was so annoying. I had an argue with him. He wanted me to give him some food but I didn't have it. So, when he knew that I was a traveler he wanted me to give him bucks. I left him and he grumbled. 

At historic district, actually nothing was special here. Except one or two buildings and the old clock that standing in front of cafe. But I enjoyed to be here. Bricks building always matter for me. I took a lot of picture here.

Houston downton is not bad. There are some interesting place in the area. Just walked around the area. You'll never know what you will get! 

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